• Kaooa in three words

    Kaooa’s mission is simple: Gather, analyze, act

  • Profile page

    Centralize all your data online for each of your contacts

  • Search

    Perform searches using complex operators

  • Dashboard

    Customize your dashboard to meet your specific needs

  • Marketing operations

    Send personalized messages to your target contacts

  • Gather

    Standardize and qualify your data on individuals or companies in a customized and scalable manner.

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  • Analyze

    Standardizing your data allows you to quickly perform complex cross-referenced searches using all possible criteria combinations,

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  • Act

    Manage your tasks and marketing operations with Kaooa. Use our email or mass mailing system to send targeted messages to your contacts or contact groups.

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Why choose Kaooa?

Today’s businesses are drowning in a sea of information generated by their commercial activities. The vast majority of this data is overlooked. Kaooa optimizes your ROI by exploiting the data that is dormant and scattered among various databases.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

    Designed and created by marketing and communication experts, Kaooa understands your technological reality and adapts to your skill level.

  • Entirely web, SaaS

    All your data can be accessed via a simple Internet browser. Kaooa can manage up to 2 million contact files.

  • Parametrable and adaptable

    Not only can Kaooa adapt to your contact data structure, it will also give you access to several other services through API connections, according to your needs and expectations.

Stay tuned for updates

The release of Kaooa V1 is slated for the fall, with several licences on offer for businesses of every shape and size. Please send us your email if you would like to benefit from an exclusive advantage and be the first to know about the Kaooa launch date.

Thank you for your interest in Kaooa.

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